Take 5!

If you’re young, in good health, have a comfortable amount of money in the bank, and have some free time – you’re life is the motherload of productivity potential. 

Prophet Muhammad (saw) said, 

“Take benefit of five before five: 
Your youth before your old age
your health before your sickness
your wealth before your poverty
your free time before you arepreoccupied
and your life before your death.” 

We all know this hadith and nod our heads solemnly when we hear it at Friday khutbahs. 

But then we go home and spend hours sprawled in front of our screens, finally crawl into bed at 3am, and snooze the fajr alarm five times before getting up. Oh, is that the sun? 

Guess you missed fajr. Again. 

How many times have you resolved that tomorrow is going to be different? 

And woke up the next day to the sun on your face.  Again. 

Time is the one thing on earth that all humans are equal in. From Presidents of countries, to paupers in the street, to you … we all share the same 24 hours. 

Yet some have mastered it, and some use it as a wonderful one-size-fits-all excuse.  “I don’t have enough Time!” 


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