Quick Reminder!

By waking up early, you could have prayed fajr, exercised, eaten a healthy breakfast and already started working by the time someone else is rushing in late for work, groggy from just having woken up. 

Before noon, you could be all done your work while the late snoozer is stressed and just struggling to get started. 

I know it’s hard to resist the temptation of your warm, comfy bed after you’ve prayed Fajr, but try it for a few days. 


Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) made a dua that said:


“O Allah! Bless my Ummah in their [work done in the] mornings.”


Have you ever faced a difficult task and made du’a asking Allah to make it easier?  Or have you ever asked friends and family to make dua for you in your task? 

Imagine the Prophet (peace be upon him) making dua for you in your work.   

How cool would that be?  And how awesome would the result be? 

That’s the blessing you’ll find in the work that you do in the morning, after Fajr. 

You’ll immediately notice a sharp rise in your productivity and I guarantee you’ll be hooked.    


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