Kinds of questions kids ask.

Telling the story of Eesa AS to a group of 8-9 year olds, I explained to them his miraculous conception without the means of a father, and what a clear miracle it was to the people! A little girl put her hand up and asked ” My teacher recently had a baby and she’s not married, is that a miracle too?”

Another time I was explaining to some girls about the danger of pig products lurking in cosmetics and toiletries. So one of them asked, “What’s roll on deodorant?” Her friend turns to her and says, “it’s something you put under you arms when your hair is long, like my sister, she has to put a lot on because her hair is sooo long!”

To the same group, doing the lesson of the pledge of Aqaba, I told them that Nabi SAW told the people to abstain from stealing, adultery etc. One hand shot up, “What’s adultery?” I was a little nervous about replying but nevertheless, I said “Uhm, it’s uh, cheating” and before I could further explain, she says, ” so if someone cheats in chess, are they committing adultery?”


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