Did you know’s

The Arabic word ‘Dars’ which means ‘lesson’, comes from the root letters darasa-yadrusu which means to study/learn. The word was initially taken from the name of Idrees AS, who was the first person to write with a pen!
Olive is a fruit!
Banana is a herb!
Sabja seeds ( black seeds in the falooda) are actually basil seeds.
Back in the day in India, if a woman was ‘out of line’, she’d be burnt alive.
A lot of people from KZN do not know that Port Elizabeth exists. No, not Port Shepstone, Port Elizabeth.
If you ask someone from PE which ‘Gaam’ they are from, they will probably say, ‘Gaam? Bubblegaam?’
If you leave ordinary boxed milk out of the fridge for two weeks, it will remain ‘fresh’ ( scary!)
Spar is a Dutch franchise and it means Save.
Can you think of a word besides dreamt that ends in mt?
Macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs
Honey is the only natural food that doesn’t go off.
I heard that pearls melt in vinegar! Whoa!
You can’t talk while inhaling through your nose.
The number one cause of death is …. Death.

Don’t forget to say AlHamdulillah!


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