Two tips to maintain motivation ( like one, really)

Do you ever get really excited about something, a project or a change you want to make in your life, only to find yourself losing motivation and dropping it after just a couple of weeks?  Or maybe even days? 

And then you feel bad, and you get into a rut.  But then some time later you get pumped up again and you start again — only to lose steam not long after you started?…making you feel bad again? 

How do you make sure this isn’t the story of your life?  How can you maintain motivation so you can get stuff done and feel good about it? 

Today, I’ve got two simple tips for you.  They’re actually pretty closely related, so it’s almost like one tip, even. 

The first thing to acknowledge is, that your motivation is going to fluctuate.  It happens. 

Just look at Ramadan, for example.  At the beginning, everyone is all pumped up and excited.  Motivation is at a peak.  In the middle, there’s a dip in motivation.  Masjid attendance dwindles.  And at the end, in the last 10 nights motivation goes up again. 

So, knowing that motivation goes up and down, what you need to do is: 

1. Take massive action when your motivation is high.


You’ve got to make the most of these moments.  Don’t just dream about doing stuff.  Do it now, when you’re excited about it and you feel the motivation pumping through your veins. 

2. Take action that automates future follow-up. 


Not all actions are created equal.  There are some things that you can do that will guarantee months of actions to come.  For example, sign up with a Qur’an teacher or get a fitness trainer.  That way, you’ll have someone waiting for you, pushing you on even when your motivation wanes.   

That’s it.  Two simple tips.  And it can really be summarized in one line:


When your motivation is high, take action that automates future follow-up. 



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