How to wake up early!

Yesterday, I gave you one key tip to increase your productivity during the day.


It was about waking up in the morning and starting your day early to seek the barakah of the early hours, based on the hadith.


But what if you find it hard to wake up early? 


The answer comes from another tip based on the sunnah:


It is makruh (disliked) to stay awake after Isha.  


Now of course, there may be times when you’re spending time with your spouse or doing something beneficial, no problem.  


But in general, your focus should be to go to sleep as quickly as you can after Isha.


Especially if you start your day early to take that barakah from the morning, by Isha time, you will feel that fulfilling exhaustion.  You will feel so good.


You sleep after Isha and you wake up at Fajr the next day.

And your body starts getting into a rhythm like that.


So two tips together: start work after Fajr and sleep after Isha.


Pretty simple, but pretty amazing when you implement it.




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