Want to become more productive? (Sunnah Style)

Do you ever get frustrated that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get done what you need to get done? 


Where does the time go?


We all have a 24 hour day.  How do some people get so much done than others?

And today, I’m going to share one time mastery tip from the sunnah that I’ve personally gotten a lot of benefit from, alhamdulillah.

The prophet sallaAllahu’alaihi wa sallam made a du’a that said, “Oh Allah, bless my ummah in the morning.”

So here’s a time mastery technique: Start your day very early.

Meaning that at 6am or 7am, when other people are sleeping you’re already at the office doing your work.  You’ve already started your day. 

That’s basically just staying up after Fajr.

If you do that, then by noon time, you’ve already done a full day’s worth of work.  At that point, you can just go home and go to sleep.  Or you can have fun for the rest of the day.  Or you can continue working.  You can do whatever you want, really.

But, if you decide to sleep in, and come to work late, you’ll find that the day just passes by so quickly.  


Because the barakah is in the morning.

The key here is, if you want to start mastering your time, start waking up in the morning and the answer to that du’a from the Prophet salla Allahu’alayhi wa sallam.




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