On a lighter note.. Seriously

A few Friday’s ago, I was sitting in the kitchen with my sister and our friend, catching up over a nice warm beverage ( AlHamdulillah for all the blessings we take for granted) when friend suddenly says that she has to get home and make some pancakes. She also tells us that a little baby in the family has just started teething. So I jokingly chided, saying ” are you celebrating the growth of teeth by making pancakes?” Which to my complete surprise, was answered in the affirmative! She told me that as the “god mother ” of the child, this was her duty. Now this was quite worrying! Before I could say anything further, my ( sometimes tactless) sister burst out laughing and told said ” Girl, when it sounds as crazy as that, you know it has nothing to do with Islam!”
Trying to lighten the moment I tried to explain it in a gentler way. I pray inshaAllah that the message was driven home! Fast forward today!
I was telling my classmates about how, when I was younger, I was always asked who my god parents were. Of course I had no idea what a ‘god parent’ was. Later on ( a few days ago) I learnt that apparently it’s someone who takes care of you if you parents pass on. Of course I had no god parents. (AlHamdulillah). Being a child though, this sometimes nagged me. I came to the conclusion that a god parent was someone who named you when you were a baby. So that day, I asked my father if his best friend was my god father. I must have told the joke of the century with the response I got! Really funny dear, you and your gibberish!
After I related this incident to my friends, Bee said, “Well you should have said that, you have God and you have parents and if your parents die God will look after you! ”

I should have said that years ago! But alhamdulillah! Better late than never!

– Fayami


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