Welcome, Wordo’s!

The goal is to educate. To inspire.

Let’s face it: We all want the world to be a better place. Let’s try. God Willing, let’s try.

We all have it in us to be world changers and dream chasers. Some of us might argue that we are not talented enough but who said talent is all you need to change the world. I used to think this way too, I thought I had nothing to contribute to the world. Just an average teenager with average goals. Until I stumbled across a quote that read, “The greatest gift you can give anyone is your own personal improvement.”
Like the saying goes, yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise so I am changing myself. Wanting the world to be a better place starts with bettering ourselves. People don’t forget how you treat them. My sister Ruba is one of the most pleasant people I know, always going the extra mile, trying to make people feel at home, doing small kindnesses for everyone, really, a gem. One day a lady came over to our house to visit and being a regular visitor, we were all comfortable with each other. Anyway, Ruba and Tuba ( Other little sister) had just finished cleaning the kitchen so they went and got started with their homework. Ruba had a fever so she really wasn’t looking too good. So the lady came in and we all greeted and blew some air kisses and everyone got chatting. Except Ruba. She politely excused herself and went to lay down.
A few days later, our mum got a call from the same lady who told her that she feels so unwelcome in our home and that Ruba has an attitude problem, how dare she storm off with so much of rudeness. Etc etc. To say that Ruba was shattered would be an understatement. She could have reacted in many ways but, God bless her, she swallowed her pride and apologized to the lady. Everything went back to normal after that Praise be to God!
Nevertheless, that happened a few years ago but up until today, the lady still reminds Ruba of the mighty attitude she once possessed.

This is the world over. This life is not without tests! The test is not the test. How we deal with what happens to us is in fact, the test.

Come with us, let’s discover a new path to journey on.

“The world was square until one man’s discovery made it round.”

Let’s try. God Willing let’s try and die trying.



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